Thursday, October 18, 2007

It hard to digest that We Indians make fun of Symonds

I find it hard to digest that We Indians make fun of Symonds while more than 90% of us really look like a monkey with fat wide nostrils and banana lips with ugly short round faces. Really, how dare we made fun of a Mulatto from Australia. He has got a nice fit superior physique to lardy pot-bellied turkey necked Indians with ugly features. Now, see how tolerant they are. They are not making any big issue out of it while a few months ago some racism happened to shilpa and she made it her stairway to fame and cried her eyes out to the world to condemn the show and the participants. Symonds can also use this to gain some world wide fame know what he just doesn't give a damn to some insignificant people from a country where many people actually look nothing less than a black monkey. Now, tell me how would you will when the aussies spectators made fun of us and our cricketers blatantly out in public. We must condemn this racism coz it is highly likely to backfire much much harder on us when we will go to australia in the next series. Trust me as a population of 1 billion , we sit in a boat much uglier then aussies where people generally are quite beautiful and fit. We can't afford to make fun of a forigner's looks when only 1 out of 20 Indians looks beautiful and rest are either too fat or too unattractive or jus plain average.

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