Saturday, January 26, 2008

Indians, Aussies resume war of words

After the truce in Perth, the Indian and Australian cricket teams resumed their war of words on Saturday with the visitors saying that the home side was playing defensively as it was "scared" of losing the current fourth Test in Adelaide and the Aussies hitting back by accusing Indian bowlers of adopting "wide tactics".

Australia, overnight 62 for no loss, made 260 runs in the course of the third day's play, which is well below their usual scoring rate of 300-plus. for more click here...

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Darks3id said...

I think cricket as turned into a major religion now, people respected the sport earlier but today they worship it, I mean look at India-pakistan matches,the intensity of the players in an Indo-Pak match would put Galdiators to shame. I wait for months even years to see an Indo-pak match and cant wait for the next one, BTW here is a cool indo-pak cricket game for fans, really cool.