Monday, March 26, 2007

Rules and regulations


All the matches will be One-day and normal ODI will be followed.

The Duckworth-Lewis method will be applied to determine the result or target, In the event of bad weather. If no result is declared on the scheduled day, the teams return the next day to complete the game, with the same situation as when the game was abandoned. If no result occurs on this second day, the result is officially "no result" and the teams score one point each.

Tournaments Points:

Results Points
Win 2
Tie/No Result 1
Loss 0

The top two teams from each group will advance to the Super 8 stage and any points they may have earned against the other qualifier from their own group will be carried through. Points earned against the non qualifying teams in the same pool will not be carried over.

In the Super 8s, each team will play the six remaining qualifiers from the other groups and the top four teams will go through to the semi-finals. Positions will be decided by most points. Where two or more teams are tied on points, the following methods in turn will be used to decide which team goes through:

  1. Most wins in their group or in Super 8 whichever is applicable
  2. Higher net run rate
  3. Higher number of wickets taken per ball
  4. Winners of head to head matches
  5. The drawing of lots
Knock out Stages:

In the case of a tie or no-result, the Semi-finals will be decided by the following:
  1. Tie - In the event of a tied match the teams will compete in a bowl out to decide who goes through to the Final.
  2. No result - In the event of a no-result the team with the higher net run-rate in the Super 8 stage will go through to the Final.

If such an event occurs in the Final, the following methods will be used:

  1. Tie - In the event of a tied match the teams will compete in a bowl out to decide the winners.
  2. No result - The teams will be declared joint winners.

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